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Merchant Accounts
Processing a Credit Card
Internet-based Methods
  There are many pieces to the puzzle but we provide all the pieces and integrate your processing method into a solution.

The Payment Gateway

In any merchant card, processing the card always represents the difference form one type of merchant account and the next.  Generally with an Internet Merchant account, you will use a gateway.  We support a variety of gateways but the one we currently recommend for the lowest fees is AuthorizeNet.

The Virtual Terminal
A virtual terminal is provided with your AuthorizeNet Gateway.  The virtual terminal allows you to process a credit card "offline" for the one-off phone in order any Internet merchant will still receive.  It also allows you to batch reoccuring charges, process refunds, void transactions or other non-regular things that are required to run an Internet business.

Website Hosting
You can host your website anywhere, however, we recommend you host at our parent company web-hosters,  This is because ComCity has been hosting websites since 1995 via the platform.  By combining services such as hosting, shopping cart and merchant account processing, we can provide a lower cost platform.

Shopping Cart
We support all shopping carts that use AuthorizeNet, however, the shopping cart we recommend is SalesCart.  Its one of the easiest to use because it works right from within Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, and Macromedia Dreamweaver.  These are web design tools anyone can use to create their websites so it allows shop owners to keep control over their website look and their products in-house without having to use an outside web designer.  The shopping cart automatically links up your products with the gateway so the credit card can be processed automatically and most economically.

Buy Now Buttons
Sometimes you are only selling <3 products and a shopping cart is not required.  You may still wish to use a shopping cart so all of the information about a transaction can be accurately recorded and shipping and taxes may be collected.  However, in very simple stores, only a buy-now button is required and AuthorizeNet provides the ability to add a simple buy-now button to your website and create a simple storefront.

Yahoo Stores
Many merchants may wish to use Yahoo Stores instead of a shopping cart or a buy now button to market and sell their products.  We also support Yahoo stores as a method to sell your products as opposed to using a Shopping Cart or a buy-now button.