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Is all or part of your business in a remote location?   Don't let your location stop you from making a Sale !
Many businesses nowadays need to be able to take sales out of the traditional brick and mortar retail establishments.  Many businesses, for example a carpet cleaning business or a plumber, must deliver products and services directly to the consumers' door.  In other cases, merchants meet customers at trade shows and meetings and in these situations its important to to transact business on location.  All of this is now feasible with wireless processing terminals that operate very much like a cell phone with the ability to swipe a credit card.

Wireless Terminals

Nurit 8020 | Verifone Vx670 | Way Systems 5000

  Wireless Terminals

Processing with a wireless terminal can save you money by reducing operating expenses and can increase sales by locking in a future sale on the spot while its hot. 
  • Accept credit cards anywhere.  Even if you don't have access to telecommunications, most wireless terminals have store and forward ability meaning you can store the transaction and when you get access to a phone line or phone communications you can finalize the processing.
  • Reduce second line costs.  Wireless terminals come with cellular communications meaning you don't need a second phone line.  This reduces an existing cost while gaining the portability.
  • Compact and mobile.  Most wireless terminals have built-in printers and card swiping capabilities. So there are complete, compact, all-in-one terminal capabilities.  You don't need other equipment and they can often fit in your pocket.
  • Reduce risks and costs.  If you swipe a credit card instead of the traditional method of writing a credit card number and hope you don't loose the slip when you get back to the office, means there are less security risks, lost profit risks and swiping a credit card gives you lower fees.

There are a variety of wireless solutions but the ones we typically recommend are the Nurit 8020 the  Verifone Vx670, and the Way Systems 5000 terminals.

Equipment Fee OptionsIndustry Average Get a Merchant Account
Wireless Terminal varies varies
Wireless Transaction fee $.10
Monthly Data Wireless fee $19.99
One time Wireless activation fee   $50

Accepting credit cards at location increases you business capture rate and dramatically leads to new sales.

Its all because of convenience...a customers convenience helps to overcome customer objections and fear.