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Merchant Accounts
Our History   Merchant Accounts since 1997
Over two decades of experience.

Proven Experience was formed by ComCity LLC (, the parent company, in 1995.  We are centrally located in the United States in Central Texas in Austin and Round Rock Texas so that we can easily and conveniently service all of the US.  ComCity was initially started as a web hosting company only.  As the Internet began to grow as a successful medium it became quickly apparent that ecommerce was going to be a very important component of the Internet industry.  Our customers of the time, whose needs are also important to us, demanded that we offer a way to sell products and accept credit cards from their website.  As a result, ComCity, first created SalesCart (, the first design tool ecommerce software built on Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, and Adobe Dreamweaver.  SalesCar quickly became successful and an award winning ecommerce software that allowed our customers to more quickly add ecommerce without having to recreate their websites and start their websites completely over from scratch.  It was readily apparent as well that offering a complete ecommerce solution that included Merchant Services and merchant processing was also critical to the success of our customers. 

So in 1998, a partnership was established with Humboldt Merchant Services (HMS).  HMS was one of the first merchant account providers that would take and fund Internet customers with merchant accounts.  Most banks and merchant account providers at the time were reluctant to get involved with the Internet.  Eventually Humboldt Merchant Services was purchased by Moneris Solutions, Inc, an agent of Harris Bank.  An independent contractor relationship was established by the president of ComCity, and then the website was created to help detail the product offerings.  It is important to the founder of to keep the company autonomous without creating an ISO (Independent Sales Office).  The reason to keep as an ISO is so that the organization is not tired to any one single acquiring bank and may freely roam to other merchant banks as independent consultants and contractors.  This is critical to ensure that the goals of and its customers are always met .  If better pricing or merchant account products are required by, it may affiliate itself with other or add additional banking resources.  In fact can even take customer bids and compete them against multiple bank in our broker role.  When banks compete, your chance for a better deal is always higher.

Our commitment, and the founder of is committed to having ecommerce and brick and mortar business processes and systems that work better than any other company, and at equal, if not better prices.  By  maintaining an independent status, we negotiate the best rates for our customers.  We are free to negotiate other deals with other banks and write our merchant account products from any number of sources including multiple banks if necessary to secure the best pricing and service for our customers.  So we are proud to be an IC for the strengths of negotiation it affords our customers and not an ISO which must be tied to a single acquiring bank.

Merchant Services Offered By an Independent Contractor


Contract(s) is/are between you and Moneris Solutions, Inc.


Merchant Services offered herein are offered solely on an Independent Contractor basis for Moneris Solutions, Inc., a registered Agent of Harris Bank, Schaumburg, IL.

We have decades of experience and a proven business and track record for getting our customers the best value in a Merchant Account.

As an Independent Contractor (IC), instead of an Independent Sales Office (ISO), we can work to get the best rate where many other companies are tied to a single acquiring bank.