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Merchant Accounts
Do you have a retail store where you will meet and greet customers?   Important!
Retail and Ecommerce Merchants
You need retail processing equipment for a retail merchant account in order to swipe the credit card and get swiped transaction rates. 
Get   Types of Processing Equipment
  Credit Card Terminals

These terminals allow your customers to swipe their credit cards in your retail store.  You can also key in transactions in isolated or special circumstances.  There are many, many different terminals and each retail stores application is unique.  These are the more common processing that we support and we suggest for routine retail credit card processing.  General processing terminals divide into two major types: wired and wireless.  Wireless applications are their on special retail type.  Most normal retail applications use a "wired" terminal and use either standard phone lines or Internet Protocol to communicate the card and results.

Common "wired" Processing Terminals
Verifone Vx510 | Verifone Vx570 | Hypercom T7 Plus | Nurit 2085

Wireless Terminals
Nurit 8020 | Verifone Vx670 | Way Systems 5000

Pin Pads
Pin pads are used in conjunction with card swipe terminals. These devices hook into the terminals to allow your customer to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) so you can support debit cards.  Debit cards typically have a higher transaction fee and in exchange you are charged a lower discount rate than standard Visa/MC/Discover credit cards.  This can save you considerable money to support these cards and allows you to satisfy consumers who are relunctant to use credit cards but will use their checking debit cards.

Common Pin Pads
Verifone 1000SE | Hypercom S9 (P1300) | Ingenico 3070

Typical Service FeeIndustry Average Get a Merchant Account
Visa/MC/Discover Discount Rate 1.99% 1.74%
Visa/MC/Discover Transaction Fee $0.30 $0.20
Address Verification Fee (AVS)
$0.10 $0.10
Signature Pin Debit Discount Rate 1.99% 1.19%
Signature Pin Debit Transaction Fee (inclusive) $0.70 $0.40
Application Fee $79.00 FREE
Monthly Service Fee
(also sometimes called customer service/support fee or statement fee)
$15.00 $9.99
Annual Fee $75-$250 NONE
PCI Compliance Fee $75-$600 NONE
Setup Fee $75 - $150 NONE
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00 FREE
Customer Service Fee $10.00 FREE
American Express Setup Fee $25 - $50 FREE
Cancellation Fees after 1 Year 3 yrs/$495 See Below ***
Every merchant situation is different.  We can taylor our rates to the circumstances of your business which for example might mean its better to take a lower transaction fee on a pin debit in exchange for a higher rate.  Contact us for the best rates for your situation.

***  At we know that your business is very fragile in the beginning and very sensitive to intial costs. invests in our customers and so many upfront fees charged to us by service providers like AuthorizeNet, we absorb, so that you do not have to come up with these upfront fees when you are just starting you business or when you are switching your business to us.    However, this investment is contingent on you remaining our customer for at least a year. charges a very nominal $250 fee if you cancel before that intial year which only amounts to the fees our service providers normally charge up front and only cover our basic costs.  Many merchant providers charge annual fees, or 3 year minimum contracts, or have sunshine clauses where your merchant account renews each year and a cancellation fee applies each year unless you give them notice within a 30 day window at the end of your contract (Becareful! Always read your contract).  

Many retail businesses also need an E-commerce processing method to take advantage of the lowest rates.

However, remember never process your Internet transactions on a retail key pad terminal.  Processing your Internet transactions "offline" on a terminal by keying in transactions will cost you a lot in downgrade fees